Renowned Percussionists Lead African Drum Circle At Juniper

  Inara Ramin and Leslie Chuggy Carter, two of this area’s most notable percussionists led a group of approximately 20 Juniper Village residents in an interactive performance of African rhythms.  They facilitated a conversation about the historical significance of drumming in American and African cultures, how drums are constructed, and the many intricate rhythms that can be created,  Inara and Leslie provided residents with shakers and taught some basic rhythms. And demonstrated examples of improvisation, and the conversational nature of drumming.  Residents were…

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Diana Allen Shares About Performing For Seniors

There was a time when, like many people, I didn’t expect to find myself at a retirement facility until my future children put me there. A few months ago, when I was approached to perform vocal concerts for homes around Montgomery County, I agreed apprehensively. I associated elder care with memories of my grandparents in Alzheimer’s units — memories that felt far too fresh. Still, I put together a 20-song repertoire: Rodgers and Hammerstein, Frank Sinatra, the Andrews Sisters. I…

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Stella & The Voodoo Fish

  Stella & The Voodoo Fish Stella and the Voodoo Fish is a 5 piece husband and wife fronted Modern/Party Rock ‘I love this song!’ Cover ​Band. Covering popular songs from artists such as Weezer, Paramore, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Kings of Leon, The Killers, Sublime, Pink , Neon Trees, No Doubt and many other well known bands/artists from the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and today. With years of individual experience, SVF has learned the art of great stage presence andcrowd interaction that makes the shows fun…

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Performer of The Month

Known as the “Safe Master”, Bobby Newton is the newest addition to the MBE family.  He is a performance artist in the truest sense, with a love of acting, artistry, teaching, dancing, and singing,   Bobby has acted in such productions as “Blood Sweat and Tears Dances on Fire”,  and writes and records his own, original songs.  When he is not performing, Bobby enjoys fishing, playing pocket billiards, and tennis.  He is a long time member of the Billiard Club of West Chester…

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New Online Lessons Make It Easier Than Ever To Learn An Instrument

Maybe it’s the long work hours or seemingly endless list of family obligations that has prevented you from dusting off the guitar. Or, maybe you’ve wanted your children to learn but can’t imagine fitting in music lessons between their other commitments. In todays fast-paced world, we understand how precious your time is. That’s why we have developed a new way to take music lessons that’s safe, fast, and fun! MBE is now offering students of all ages and abilities the…

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