Katy Morse – Vocalist/Guitar

Katy is a singer/songwriter, music teacher and performing artist. She believes that sharing stories in a musical format brings us together in no other way.  We are simultaneously thrown into the current moment and into the distant past, while reminded we are not alone in the universal experiences of love and loss.  In her years of experience performing at nursing homes, she has been blessed with connecting with older generations.  Her performance is less of a show and more of an exchange. She wants to hear from her audience and know where they were at the time an old song was well-known. She relishes them singing along as well.

Katy specializes in folk, roots and bluegrass music, which tends to harken to the past. She often will insert some current songs that show the influence of older styles. Katy has performed in a wide array of venues in the Northern VA area including: Cox Farms, Bus Boys and Poets, local nursing homes and preschools, as well as outdoor concerts, including Green Springs Park and Potomac Overlook Park.


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