Featured Virtual Magician
Ben Corey

Awaken, and inspire your residents with a comedy and magic sing along. Ben Corey interacts through the screen, so your audience helps make the magic happen. Your residents names are used throughout the performances to help build connection and remind them they are important. This provides you an innovative and entertaining way to make sure that physical distance does not become social isolation and depression.
     Ben Corey is a comedy magician who performs nationwide, today through his dedicated Streaming Theater. Since 2004 he has provided magic shows using every day objects for Senior Communities. Performances include sing alongs, and direct interaction through the screen to connect with, and awaken each member of your audience. 3000 performances later, he’s still wowing residents with impossible card magic that leaves Ben Corey as a highly sought after bridge partner. His latest Television news appearance was recently nominated for an Emmy. 

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