Online Music Lessons


Maybe it’s the long work hours or seemingly endless list of family obligations that prevents you from dusting off that guitar. Or, the prospect of fitting in music lessons when you kids have so many other commitments.

In todays fast-paced world, we understand how precious your time is. It’s why we developed a new way to learn a take lessons that’s safe, fun and affordable! MBE is offering students of all ages and abilities the chance to take one to one online music lessons with some of the area’s most talented musicians. Online music lessons eliminate the difficulties associated with traditional lessons like scheduling conflicts, transportation, bad weather, and distance. You can take lessons at your convenience from the comfort of your home- A web cam, an instrument, and a desire to learn are about all it takes.

To get started, click the Book A Lesson link, complete the form, and an MBE representative will contact you to answer your questions and get you signed up…rock on!

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