Eugene Iosilovich – Piano

Locations Performed
VA – Alexandria

Russian-born pianist, Eugene Iosilevich, began his journey with piano performance in the classical genre from a very young age, performing competitively throughout his pre-collegiate years. After winning numerous regional awards in Upstate NY, Eugene began to broaden his horizons through the exploration of more contemporary styles. Following jazz studies at Berklee College of Music and further classical endeavors in performance and composition at Syracuse University, Eugene joined the Army Band, where he received further training at the Armed Forces School of Music. He went on to serve for eight years, performing throughout the United States (including Washington, Oregon, California, Georgia, Florida, New York, and DC) as well as a tour in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In the military musical environment, Eugene was called upon to perform all styles of music: classical, ceremonial, jazz, rock, funk, blues, Latin, gospel, R+B, folk, world-music, fusion, as well as traditional and contemporary church styles. During the period from 2000-2008 in which he was enlisted, Eugene also consistently maintained employment as a church pianist, both on and off the base. Upon leaving the Army Bands, Eugene settled in Northern Virginia, where he began his civilian musical career as Music Director at Sudley United Methodist Church, pianist/keyboardist with the Washington Talent Agency, and Northern Virginia piano instructor. Performing a rich variety of styles throughout the area as a solo pianist as well as with diverse professional ensembles, Eugene strives to bring the highest quality and level of expression, professionalism and experience to each and every performance.

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