Brandi Alexander

 Brandi Alexander known as the “Queen of Shake”, comes from a musical family. She started following her grandmother Sarah’s footsteps at the age of nine years old. When she stepped on the stage at the Odunde Festival in Philadelphia P.A. for the first time in 1989. She had the honor to perform with the late great BabaTunde Olatunji, Brandi impressed the master drummer with her impeccable timing; and to find out that she taught her self blew him away! When Brandi was 12 she performed for Manute Bol at P.S. Dupont School in Wilmington Delaware. With her sister and four cousins in a group called “Africa Omode” which means Africa’s children.

This was the first of many performances for African celebrities that came to visit the East Coast. Brandi’s parents continued to encourage her to keep trying different arts, so she decided to take classes at the Christina Cultural Arts Center. Brandi would study under the teaching of Dr. Yema from Temple University; which gave her  multiple opportunities to perform at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington Delaware.

Hanging around her big cousin Ron Sutton Jr. Really helped Brandi in the early 2000s. Ron would take Brandi with him to gigs. From New York City all the way down to Virginia. It was during that time Brandi had a front row seat to see exactly where she could go with her talent. 

In 2004 she joined a group called Urban Shaman Brandi played percussion and was the lead vocalist in the group. Performing at the locs conference and many other festivals around the Philadelphia area. In 2008 she had another great opportunity to work with Tony “Big Cat” Smith and the late great Will Smith Sr. Playing her shakere and she even had a small acting spot light. For a book that Tony Smith and Will Smith Sr. wrote called “At the Waymore”. Brandi continues to perform and collaborate with many talented artist from around the world.

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