Cheryl Lucas, Vocalist

Cheryl (Sherry) Lucas was raised in the West Oak Lane section of
Philadelphia. Cheryl was blessed to be born into a musical family,
where she was groomed by her mother and father to study the Arts.
Cheryl’s roots are in Gospel Music, as well as R&B, Jazz Standards, and
Opera. Cheryl’s mother was a vocalist, who from time-time-time sang
at the Earl Theatre; and became a very close and dear friend to Ms.
Dinah Washington. As a matter-of-fact, Cheryl’s grandmother had the
pleasure of making dinner for Ms. Washington on two separate
Thanksgivings when she was in town. Cheryl also has a nephew,
Rodney Hicks, who received two Tony Awards for his performances in
both “Rent” and “Come From Far Away”; as well as the Barrymore
Award for Best Male Performance in a musical for the “Scottsboro
Boys.” That is just a taste of the talent in Cheryl’s family. As a matter-
of-fact, family get togethers are like concerts. Cheryl toured with the
Avante Theatre Company and performed in “And Still I Rise”; and “Ain’t
Misbehavin” at the “Academy of Music” which opened to rave reviews.
Cheryl has also had the privilege of singing at the “White House” during
“George W. Bush’s” Administration. Some others she’s performed with
are The Late “Billy Paul”, the first female vocalist for “Breakwater”;
“The First Ladies or Rock and Soul”; and performed with The Late
“Phyllis Hyman’s” original band (a Tribute to Phyllis Hyman) at Chico’s
in Asbury Park in New Jersey. Cheryl has also had the privilege of
entertaining numerous private affairs.

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